Fix the Future

Post-holocaust settings have long been a staple of speculative fiction, so it unsurprising that dozens of apocalyptic roleplaying games have been published over the last four decades. Flatpack differs from its kin by focusing on rebuilding. Literally. In Flatpack, characters use their wits and pre-ruin technology to create a better world.

Here’s how the publisher describes Flatpack: Fix the Future:

“Until someone tells us otherwise, we’re saying that Flatpack: Fix the Future is the first game in the smash Hyperoptimistic Postapocalyptic genre of gaming. Flatpack is a game about building a new society using pre-apocalypse technology that you don’t always trust or understand, and solving terrible problems creatively.”

Three Things About Flatpack

  • Optimistic Post-Apocalypse: This is a post-apocalypse world with tongue firmly in cheek and humor intact.
  • Focused on Logic Puzzles: While the post-apocalypse genre is usually one in which combat skills win the day, Flatpack is about clever problem-solving.
  • Simple Rules: The mechanics are designed so they can be explained along the way by the gamemaster.

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  • “This is probably the best post-apocalyptic game ever.”BoardGameGeek

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