Tabletop Roleplaying Communities

Ask the Experts at StackExchange

This is a tremendously helpful Q&A site, covering rules and gaming techniques for newcomers and veterans alike. The StackExchange community management process leads to well-vetted questions and excellent answers. Here’s a small sampling of the sorts of questions addressed in the site:

Delve Into Gaming Communities

  • EN World – This is a massive forum with columns, game reviews, publisher announcements, and more.
  • Gaming As Women – The essays and reviews in this award-winning publication are excellent.
  • Gnome Stew – Devoted to helping gamemasters improve their skills, the articles in this site will help any GM.
  • Reddit – Role Playing Games – An active community with questions, links, and all sorts of RPG discussions.
  • RPG Bloggers – Use this site’s search function to find blogs and podcasts that cover the games and genres you enjoy most.
  • RPG Crossing – This forum is dedicated to play by post gaming, and also provides intro materials to those new to roleplaying.
  • RPG Geek – This massive data-driven site provides news, reviews, forum play, and much more.
  • RPG.Net – This is a community forum for game reviews and discussion about every flavor of fantasy roleplaying game.
  • theRPGSite – This is a forum with reviews, news, and play by post games.
  • Story Games – Narrativist games are what this discussion board is all about. Find out about new games, learn from accounts of actual play, and more.
  • Tabletop RPG Bulletin – I run this blog, which contains notes from game play, updates on Kickstarter game projects, links to selected posts from other blogs, and other bits of interest.
  • UK Role Players – This site provides news, reviews, a forum, and more for role players in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales (although visitors from further afield are more than welcome).