All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Built on the Unisystem framework, All Flesh Must Be Eaten uses a point build system for character creation and a straightforward d10 mechanic designed to achieve simplicity and comprehensiveness.

The zombie genre doesn’t lend it self to lengthy campaigns, but AFMBE is well suited to one-offs and short campaigns. The rules provide eleven different settings, all of them teeming with zombies, but ZMs (Zombie Masters) can easily create their own.

Here’s how the publisher describes All Flesh Must Be Eaten:

A comprehensive zombie creation system to surprise and alarm players. A list of equipment crucial to surviving a world of shambling horrors. Detailed character creation rule for Norms, Survivors and the Inspired. A full exposition of the Unisystem rule mechanics, suitable for any game in any time period.

Three Things About All Flesh Must Be Eaten

  • Zombies: This is a game tailored for zombie horror, and it explores the genre in depth.
  • Unisystem: Mechanics are built around d10 (ten-sided die) rolls, and they emphasize speed of play.
  • Supplements: Over the years Eden Studios has produced many add-on publications that mix zombie horror with other genres, ranging from dungeon delving to pro wrestling.


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