Atomic Highway

Atomic Highway doesn’t spend any time on backstory or metaplot. This is a game of wild and wooly action in a blasted landscape occupied by nomads, bartertowns, raiders, and enclaves of the old technology. Vehicle combat and mutations figure heavily in the game, and the straightforward rules are built around a pool of six-sided dice. Atomic Highway is well-suited to one-shot games and short campaigns.

Here’s how the publisher describes Atomic Highway:

A new Dark Age has begun. The descendants of the apocalypse’s survivors scavenge the remnants of the Before Times, struggling to buil a new life amidst the ruins of the old. In a savage world where the strong ravage and exploit the weak, the survivors’ settlements are oases, connected only by convoys of armed and armored vehicles that run the gauntlet of raiders… and worse.

Three Things About Atomic Highway

  • The V6 Engine: The sum of a character’s attribute and skill values determines the number of six-sided dice rolled, and task difficulty determines the number of sixes that must be rolled to succeed.
  • Rapid Character Creation: Character “Rearings” (background) determine initial skills and equipment, and characters can be created in the time it takes to watch the opening scene of Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • Vehicle Combat Rules: Autoduels. Dogfights. Chases. Ramming. Sideswipes. Firing from within a vehicle. This game has it all.


  • “This is all wrapped up in a slightly campy package that really captures the feel of renegades out on the post-apocalyptic open road. I look forward to playing it again.”cyberook, The Black Square
  • “We really like the system and the package as a whole. It’s light yet detailed enough to be interesting.”Nathan, Platonic Solid

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