In Degenesis: Rebirth, each character belongs to a well-defined cult, each with its own capabilities and liabilities.

Degenesis: Rebirth

This two-volume, 704-page game presents a world rebuilding from a catastrophic meteor strike that nearly wiped out civilization 500 years earlier. Belief plays as big a role as technology in the world of Degenesis: Rebirth, and secrets old and new abound. As factions vie for control, they also face the horror of an implacable foe that seeks to replace humanity.

The game uses a medium-crunch d6 dice pool system to model a gritty, dangerous environment. The Degenesis: Rebirth mechanics are lethal and explicitly players should avoid combat unless there’s no other way out. If fighting breaks out, it’s bet to have a plan and a few tricks up your sleeve.

This is a game for mature participants, touching on adult themes, and the rulebooks contain some nudity.

Here’s how the publisher describes Degenesis: Rebirth:

Mankind is under siege. The enemies of Homo Sapiens are drawing closer. Day by day, they gain more followers, more territory, more power. AMSUMO machine men stalk the ruins in preconditioned patterns. Sleepers, elite soldiers from the past awake to bathe civilization in warfare and bloodshed. Marauders, rotting, undying gods wield weapons of mass destruction and wreak havoc across the land. But man has to face his greatest enemy yet: Homo Degenesis, spawn of the Primer, rises from the craters, each breed wielding powers that bend the laws of reality.

Three Things About Degenesis: Rebirth

  • Astonishing Presentation: Produced by Sixmorevodka, a concept art studio, the art and visual design of the game books is evocative and thematically consistent.
  • Dense Setting: The world of what was once Europe and North Africa is defined in detail, and this is not a setting intended for casual play; it’s very much built for extended campaign play.
  • Culture, Cult, and Concept: Every character is defined by a Culture they call home, a Cult they work to uphold, and a Concept, a way they approach the world.


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