Eclipse Phase

Looking for a meticulously-detailed, immersive science fiction setting that will stretch your imagination? Ready for crunchy d100 rules tailored for simulationist play? Eclipse Phase may be the game for you.

Earth has been abandoned by most of humanity after a massive AI uprising left it barren. The rest of the solar system has been colonized by augmented humans, uplifted animals, and other forms of transhuman life. The conservative Inner System governments, hypercorps, anarchists of the Outer System, and everyone in between jockeys for power, even as new threats to transhumanity’s survival emerge.

The AIs that started the war still linger in hidden pockets. Strange unknowable aliens have appeared, and mysterious gates enable travel to planets far from the solar system. Behind it all a greater danger lurks. Player characters work for Firewall, a secret organization dedicated to confronting these threats. Unknown horrors await!

Here’s how publisher Posthuman Studios describes Eclipse Phase:

Your mind is software. Program it. Your body is a shell. Change it. Death is a disease. Cure it. Extinction is approaching. Fight it.

Three Things About Eclipse Phase

  • A Tremendously Detailed Setting: Everything from political and economic systems to space habitats, mesh hacking, and nanoviruses is defined in detail.
  • Death is a Thing of the Past: The ability to disassociate the mind from the body and back up one’s consciousness is a core tenet of the game, and it deeply affects game play.
  • d100 Mechanics: The skills-driven d100 mechanics will be familiar to anyone who has played RuneQuest or any other Basic Roleplaying-derived game. You can also run an EP campaign using Fate Core mechanics, via Transhumanity’s Fate.

Posthuman Studios distributes their Eclipse Phase materials under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Creative Commons license to encourage remixing.


“You really, really need your players to come halfway for Eclipse Phase to work but if they do it can be a very unique and intriguing roleplaying experience.”K.M. Johnson-Weider, Get Used to Disappointment

“…there is much more detail and thought put into the background and environment of the work than many other major RPG products on the market, and that alone is a reason to pick up and try Eclipse Phase.”Aaron Schalk, NextLevel Gaming Online

Try It for Free

Download the Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition Quick-Start Rules, which includes a stripped-down version of the core rules, the Acrimony intro adventure, and pre-made characters so you can start playing right away. 

Buy It

The second edition of Eclipse Phase is due in 2019. According to the publisher, most first edition material will be compatible with the new edition. For more info, check out the Kickstarter.

Unpossible Journeys Eclipse Phase Goodies

These files are released under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Creative Commons license.

  • Character Sheet: Dual Morph | .graffle source | notes
  • Character Sheet: Landscape (form-fillable) | .graffle source
  • Character Sheet: Portrait | .graffle source
  • Story Seeds | .pages source — This was inspired by an old Shadowrun supplement called Sprawl Sites that helped GMs create situations on the fly. This is a much smaller version, but hopefully it will help you in one or two of those moments when you need something quick. It includes six NPCs and three locales.
  • Chasing Mr. Jiang — The first Eclipse Phase story arc I ran lasted for eleven sessions. We had a lot of fun and I learned a great deal along the way about what makes EP work for my gaming group. This PDF encapsulates the lessons I learned and provides an account of those sessions from start to finish.


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