ICONS: Assembled

Steve Kenson designed the classic Champions superhero RPG. With Icons he wanted to create lean rules that emphasized quick worldbuilding and rapid play. It is designed with pick-up games in mind, and is suitable for one-shot games and campaigns of short or long duration.

Here’s how the publisher describes Icons:

Icons is your all-in-one package for superhero roleplaying adventure: quick, easy, descriptive, and fun!

Three Things About Icons

  • Team Orientation: Superheroes often operate in teams, and tabletop RPGs are based on teamwork. Every superhero team has special collective capabilities and resources.
  • Lightweight Mechanics: Task resolution incorporates levels of failure and success, from failure to marginal, moderate, major, or massive success from one roll using six-sided dice.
  • Universe Creation: For campaign play, your group creates a wide array of heroes and villains, so game master duties can be rotated and players have the opportunity to play more than one character.


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