Iron Kingdoms

The lands of Western Immoren are no longer at war, but tensions are high. There is great hope in the form of mechanika the fusion of magic and technology. But there is also much to fear, as war once again threatens and vile forces hatch devious plans.

Iron Kingdoms takes place in a world with a deep history full of war and constant change. Players can seek adventure as humans, gobbers, Iosans, Nyss, ogrun, Rhulfolk, or trollkin, building their backstories and capabilities with 30 careers, ranging from Aristocrat to Gun Mage to Stormblade.

Here’s how the publisher describes Iron Kingdoms:

Embark upon a journey of adventure and intrigue in a steam-powered world fueled by magic and contested with gunfire and steel.

Three Things About Iron Kingdoms

  • Fantasy steampunk: The melding of steam-era technology with powerful magic is a central element in Iron Kingdoms, and it permeates the setting, resulting not just in a fascinating array of devices and weapons, but also in characters that could only exist in this world.
  • Miniatures-ready: Although the setting first stemmed from tabletop RPG, for years it has been known mostly as home to the WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures games. This cross-pollination has yielded a game well-suited to miniatures use.
  • Archetypes & careers: Rather than classes, Iron Kingdoms are defined by an archetype (Gifted, Intellectual, Mighty, or Skilled), and multiple careers, resulting in a unique combination of skills and abilities.


  • “While still suffering from the inevitable caveats of any roleplaying game, until someone breaks the mold, this is the last roleplaying game I will ever buy.”Pnormal,
  • “Overall the Iron Kingdoms roleplaying is exactly what I hoped for when I first heard about Privateer Press creating a new Iron Kingdoms RPG.”Michael Wolf, Stargazer’s World

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See Iron Kingdoms in Action

In the first session in a campaign from Tabletop Wednesday at The Escapist, the players learn the rules and are introduced to the setting:

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