Microscope is unique. It can be used to model the events of a region, a continent, a world, or a galaxy. It can cover years, decades, centuries, or millennia. Creation of a collaborative history is the name of the game. While Microscope can be played as a stand-alone affair, many groups use it in to establish the backstory and setting for a campaign to be played using another game.

Here’s how the publisher describes Microscope:

Mock chronological order. Defy time and space. Build worlds and destroy them. A role-playing game for two to four players. No GM. No prep. Microscope was playtested for two years by over 150 awesome gamers.

Three Things About Microscope

  • Worldbuilding: Microscope is all about worldbuilding. The worlds you build can be an end to themselves, or be used as the basis for a campaign that uses another RPG.
  • Collaborative: There is no GM in Microscope, and the focus of the game is on collaborative creation.
  • Variable Depth: The outline of the history you create can stretch through thousands of years and still have myriad discrete moments where the course of events hinges on individuals.


  • “It speaks to the writer and worldbuilder in me, and is an incredible tool for creating fun and interesting stories.”Sindarundome
  • “It is tremendously fun, full of possibility and at this point will become my go to game for sessions where we’re short-handed or I need to do something pick up.”Lowell Francis, Age of Ravens

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