Misspent Youth

In Misspent Youth, player characters (Young Offenders) confront The Authority, the power structure that rules a dystopian setting jointly created by everyone at the table. While written with science fiction settings in mind, the rules do not limit Misspent Youth to the genre.

A seven-scene episode structure moves players through a series of struggles. Along the way the Young Offenders attempt to maintain their principles in the face of immense pressure to sell out.

The game employs simple mechanics using six-sided dice, and is explicitly oriented toward creation of coherent story. Its tends to work best for relatively short campaigns. Side note: The rules make liberal use of profanity.

Here’s how the publisher describes Misspent Youth:

Misspent Youth is a tabletop pen-and-paper roleplaying game about friendship, rebellion, and kicking ass. In the game, you play 12- to 17-year-old kids in a future world f***ed-up beyond recognition by The Authority. The Authority is a force that you create together at the start of the series and played by one person.

Three Things About Misspent Youth

  • Youth Rebellion: If you’ve ever cranked Rage Against the Machine at full volume, read A Scanner Darkly, or watched Logan’s Run, the spirit of this game will feel familiar.
  • Structure: Unlike many roleplaying games, Misspent Youth is designed to be played in a few sessions, after which a new world with new Authority and Young Offenders can be constructed.
  • Story: Because this game is about story, the mechanics are concerned with setting up and telling a compelling story, rather than enabling character advancement or tightly simulating a fictional world.


  • “While it may be a little intimidating for a group new to RPGs, veteran role-players will have a fantastic time with this game.”Geek Insight, Giant Fire Breathing Robot
  • “People who like collaborative story narration, non-traditional dice mechanics, and high-trust games will probably enjoy this system.”Sophie Lagacé, RPGnet

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