Mutant: Year Zero

This is a post-apocalypse game in which player characters each perform a crucial role in the survival of a small community at the fringes of a long-dead city. These mutant guardians must venture into the zone, where they encounter everything from twisted creatures to ash storms and deadly remnants of ancient technology.

Here’s how the publisher describes Mutant: Year Zero:

It’s time to venture out. To explore the Zone, to search for artifacts and knowledge. Build, grow the land, seek out others, create a new civilization on the ruins of the old one.

Three Things About Mutant: Year Zero

  • You’re All Mutants: Unlike many post-apocalypse games in which mutations are possible, in Mutant: Year Zero they are integral to player characters’ ability to survive.
  • The Ark: Rather than roaming the wastelands as rootless vagabonds, characters are part of a well-defined community with a home they want to protect and nurture.
  • Dice, Cards, and Maps: The game uses special dice (included in the starter bundle, and normal dice may be used in their place) to resolve conflicts; cards for quick determination of threats, mutations, and artifacts; and a combination of pre-made maps and charts to aid gamemasters in populating the ruins outside The Ark.


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