Mutants & Masterminds

Mutants & Masterminds is a high-crunch d20-based system that gives gamemasters a toolkit for constructing their own superhero campaigns.

Here’s how the publisher describes Mutants and Masterminds:

M&M is designed by adventure roleplayers for adventure roleplayers. It’s meant to be the most fun with the least work, offering flexibility and choice without bogging down in unnecessary detail or rules. It gives you the tools to have exciting adventures and then gets out of your way to let you do it.

Three Things About Mutants and Masterminds

  • d20: If you have played D&D or any of it’s d20 kin such as Pathfinder, the basic mechanical structure of M&M will be familiar.
  • Point-Based Characters: As in other superhero games before it, M&M characters are built from a pool of points so they can be customized without being over- or under-powered.
  • DC Adventures: The Mutants & Masterminds mechanics power DC Adventures, an officially-licensed game produced by the same publisher and built around heroes and villains of the DC Comics universe.


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