Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds focuses on easy character creation, combat that can scale from a bar-room brawl to a war between nations, and a fast-moving pulp-style feel. The game is well-suited to cinematic, heroic adventure.

It can be used for one-offs or campaign play, and there are many genre, setting and adventure books available.

Here’s how the publisher describes Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition:

Perhaps the best thing a game system can do is support your ideas. It should serve as background and a common language for your players—then get out of the way as the story races to its conclusion.

Three Things About Savage Worlds

  • A wide variety of published settings: Pinnacle has published many setting books, and third-party settings for Savage Worlds abound.
  • Proficiency advances by dice type: Rather than adding a trait or skill rating to a roll, the rating is the type of die used in the roll; a novice shooter would roll a d4, while a sharpshooter might roll a d10.
  • Fast and flexible combat: Designed for use with miniatures, but playable without them, the combat rules focus on quick resolution and easy situation tracking for even large group situations.


  • “Overall, we’re really impressed with the changes to Savage Worlds, and recommend it highly to anyone looking at getting into role-playing games, or to those of you who are looking for a fast, fun, and reliable RPG system that can fit any mold.” – Leigh Kade, Bleeding Cool
  • “Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is a very comprehensive, very accessible, detailed but fast toolkit RPG suitable to run games in almost any setting/genre with just the core rulebook.”Skaye, The Tabletop Almanac

Buy It

  • Download the Savage Worlds Test Drive quickstart. This 24-page PDF includes the Savage Worlds Test Drive rules, Triple Cross, an adventure set in the fantasy world of Lankhmar, and printable game aids.
  • Buy the book and PDF from Pinnacle Entertainment Group
  • Buy the PDF at DriveThruRPG


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