Shooting the Moon

Shooting the Moon is a story game in which players are in the midst of a love triangle. The game is built for one-off sessions that can be set in a wide variety of settings, from Bloody Romance on the High Seas to Lawyers in Love.

Here’s how the publisher describes Shooting the Moon:

In Shooting the Moon, you take the roles of three characters brought together, and put through the wringer, by love. Two Suitors compete for the affection of a shared Beloved, who has overwhelming odds of their own to face.

Three Things About Shooting the Moon

  • Love is a Battlefield: This is a competitive game in which one player succeeds and the other fails.
  • No Gamemaster: The game can be played with two or three players, none of whom is the gamemaster.
  • It’s All Story: The straightforward mechanics use six-sided dice and focus squarely on the love triangle conflict of the story.

Art by Jenn Manley Lee, used by author’s permission


  • “It surprises you, is my point. Despite the fact that we were making it up, I was hanging on every word. That’s insane!”Quentin Smith, Shut Up & Sit Down
  • “Even with a sad ending for your character, you will tell a more compelling love story with Shoot the Moon than you will by making a Charisma check against that elf in the tavern.”Charles Simon, Do Not Taunt Cthulhu

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