Spears of the Dawn

Using the same core mechanics as Stars Without Number and Other Dust, Spears of the Dawn provides a novel setting for exploration, adventure, and magic.

Here’s how the publisher describes Spears of the Dawn:

Within this book you will find all the tools needed for adventuring in the wild and brooding Three Lands, where the bones of ancient Obas rest uneasy in cities of stone and blighted memory. Dare the tombs of the bitter Eternal and the courts of leopard-mantled kings to find the wealth of a new world!

Three Things About Spears of the Dawn

  • African-Inspired: Much as European-derived fantasy relies on a variety of influences, Spears of the Dawn draws on a wide range of legends and lore to create a unique fantasy environment.
  • Streamlined d20 Mechanics: The rules are built on the same basic d20 concepts that have powered a wide range of games since the early days of D&D.
  • Built for Sandbox Play: Charts, advice, and other tools are included to help the gamemaster stay one step ahead of the players without having to plan everything in advance.


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