Vampire: The Requiem

Vampire: The Requiem is not the most recent Vampire RPG, but is still popular with many long-time Vampire players. If you’re thinking of getting into vampire roleplaying, you may want to check out this version as well as the more recent Vampire: The Masquerade 5th edition rules.

The dark, brooding World of Darkness setting hit the gaming world with the 1991 release of Vampire: The Masquerade, giving rise over the subsequent two decades to a variety of games covering a range of horror themes and creatures, from ghouls to werewolves. But vampires have always been the stars.

Vampire: The Requiem uses different rules and a different setting from Vampire: The Masquerade. There is much commonality between settings and rules, but they are distinct from each other.

Vampire: The Requiem was introduced in 2004 and the 2nd Edition rules were released in 2014.

Three Things About Vampire: The Requiem

  • Flexible Setting: In contrast to the tight metaplot of Masquerade, Requiem provides several example cities that can be used as is or as inspiration for your own game.
  • Humanity: In one of the central themes of the game, a player character’s ability to empathize and interact with humanity degrades as her Humanity score decreases.
  • d10 Mechanics: Task resolution uses 10-sided dice in a straightforward dice pool procedure that combines attributes and skills.


  • “Good games make players and GMs better, and Requiem 2nd certainly does that.”Ben Riggs, RPGnet
  • “The combination of old and new within the pages of Blood & Smoke strike a fine balance: fresh and new, but still undeniably the same World of Darkness flagship game that’s been on bookshelves for over 20 years.”Ed, Geek Native

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