Vampire: The Requiem

Vampire: The Requiem is the successor to the original gothic horror game that upended the roleplaying world in the 1990s.

The dark, brooding World of Darkness setting hit the gaming world with the 1991 release of Vampire: The Masquerade, giving rise over the subsequent two decades to a variety of games covering a range of horror themes and creatures, from ghouls to werewolves. But vampires have always been the stars. The second edition of Vampire: The Requiem (first published as Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicles), represents the latest rules and updated metaplot for vampire-centered play in the New World of Darkness. While this is a self-contained game, it is not intended for beginners.

Three Things About Vampire: The Requiem

  • Deep Metaplot: While it has grown, morphed, and revised over the years, the core plot provides deep backstory, the social structure in which vampires operate, and a wealth of story and roleplaying hooks.
  • Humanity: In one of the central themes of the game, a player character’s ability to empathize and interact with humanity degrades as her Humanity score decreases.
  • d10 Mechanics: Task resolution uses 10-sided dice in a straightforward dice pool procedure that combines attributes and skills.


  • “Good games make players and GMs better, and Requiem 2nd certainly does that.”Ben Riggs, RPGnet
  • “The combination of old and new within the pages of Blood & Smoke strike a fine balance: fresh and new, but still undeniably the same World of Darkness flagship game that’s been on bookshelves for over 20 years.”Ed, Geek Native

Over time many tabletop RPGs change publishers as new editions are created. Most of the time the setting stays the same, or changes incrementally. But the history of the meta-setting for Vampire: The Requiem and its kin is confusing to the uninitiated. Most recently the New World of Darkness setting that underpins Vampire: The Requiem was changed to The Chronicles of Darkness. Then a new Vampire game (set in the World of Darkness), known as the 5th edition of Vampire: The Masquerade, is in development and ostensibly will become the standard version.

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