Wreck Age

The wealthy and the fortunate took to the stars in the Exodus, while your forebears were left to die on a poisoned Earth. That was generations ago. Now your community is venturing out beyond its narrow confines, searching the ruins, and looking to a better day. But not all communities want the same things.

Wreck Age is a gritty post-apocalypse game that combines miniatures skirmish rules with RPG mechanics. Adventurers are bound to their communities, and conflict ranges from bare-knuckle brawls to squad-on-squad battles. This is a tough, deadly game that emphasizes cooperation and tactics.

Here’s how the publisher describes Wreck Age:

The Earth has showed signs of rebirth. This new era is known as the Resurgence, and this is where your community’s tale begins. Wreck-Age uses this post-collapse environment combined with a flexible and dynamic rule set to fuse RPG and Miniature Skirmish Wargame play.

2018-02-09: Note that the info below pertains to the 1st edition of the game. The 2nd edition has just been released.

Three Things About Wreck Age

  • A Deep Apocalypse: The backstory to Wreck Age describes in broad strokes how the world came to be, situating player characters firmly in the world.
  • Communities Matter: Characters derive resources from their community, and character success or failure has a direct impact on the community.
  • Skirmish Rules: The combat rules are designed for fast, fluid play, and can handle many characters with ease. Player characters aren’t superheroes, and clever tactics are a must for survival.


  • “Overall, I would definitely recommend giving Wreck Age a shot if you’re a fan of post-apocalypse settings.”Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
  • ”If I hadn’t just wrapped up a post-apocalypse campaign, I would be pitching this game to my group. Its tight combat rules, emphasis on communities, and intriguing backstory make it stand out.“Erik Schmidt, Unpossible Journeys

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