One Way to Use Trello as a Game Master

Trello is a handy tool for a variety of purposes. As a GM I’ve come to love it. For my Degenesis campaign I created two boards – one for player-facing info, one for GM-only info.

Players Board

The stuff on the right in the Character Info area is where the players can put info about their characters and their affiliations (in this case they each belong to a cult, so I provided some info about each cult).

The Campaign Record is where I keep the official record of what happens in each game session. It’s an important resource for the players and for me as a GM, and I make sure to provide a session writeup after each session.

The remaining info in the Players board is primarily for the first couple of sessions. I provide Session Zero info and brief info about what their characters know about the game world. After a couple of sessions the characters know much more about the world and don’t have to refer to that info.

GM Board

This is my notes to myself – it’s mostly for tracking NPCs, places, and ideas that I may or may not use. I do not enter anything into this board during game sessions – for that I use a physical notebook.



  1. Matt says:

    Interesting, I love seeing the digital tools people use for their games. One question, though, are you referencing the GM board during play?

    • Unpossible Labs says:

      Thanks for the note, Matt. I do keep the GM board up during play for quick reference, though in practice I primarily use it during session prep.

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