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Three for Thursday: RPG-Adjacent Podcasts

Sometimes the most useful worldbuilding ideas don't come from standard RPG sources.You can find hundreds of podcasts covering all manner of tabletop RPG subjects, from how to optimize a Pathfinder character to storygame actual plays. But some of my favorite RPG inspiration comes from what I call RPG-adjacent podcasts.

Some of them touch on RPGs directly from time to time, but mostly I enjoy them because they help me see the world a bit differently, which is always helpful for a game master. I also get some of my best GM ideas by piecing together bits and pieces from these shows. Read more

Three for Thursday: Playing D&D Your Way

Welcome to Three for Thursday!

Today we’ll take a look at the hobby’s flagship game through three different lenses.

Talk to enough Dungeons & Dragons players and you’ll realize that no one group plays it the same way. These stories explore playing the game under three very different sets of circumstances. Discover what it’s like to be someone else, at another table, playing a kind of D&D that may (or may not) differ from your own. Read more