Ever wanted to play a tabletop roleplaying game like Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, or Shadowrun? Been playing for a while and want to improve as a player or gamemaster? Or are you just looking for more RPGs to play? If any of the above apply, this site is for you.

What is Tabletop Roleplaying?

Tabletop roleplaying brings friends together. Image: D&D Pathfinder edition game, by Aigars Mahinovs — CC-by-2.0 license

Think you don’t know anything about tabletop roleplaying games? Think again. First-person shooters, MMOs, adventuring parties, alignments, character classes, leveling up, and a host of other familiar concepts were born from tabletop roleplaying.

Tabletop RPGs are a form of collaborative storytelling first popularized by Dungeons & Dragons, the original roleplaying game. One player constructs an imagined world full of peril and adventure. The others assume the role of characters in that world, each with a unique personality and capabilities. Whenever characters undertake a difficult task, a roll of the dice determines the outcome.

Play It Your Way

Some players get together once a week or more, some play only occasionally. Some run extended campaigns that extend for months or years, while others prefer short one-off sessions. Games can be serious or comedic, scary or lighthearted, freewheeling or tightly-focused.

Fantasy is Just the Start

As with books, movies, and video games, there are hundreds of tabletop RPGs on the market, and they vary widely in setting and play style. Fantasy is the most popular genre, followed by science fiction, horror, superhero, historical, and all sorts of interesting mashups. There are plenty of games for licensed properties, so you can play play the leader of a noble family in A Song of Ice and Fire, a Rebel spy in Star Wars, a time traveler in Doctor Who, an undaunted hobbit in The One Ring, a grim warrior in Dragon Age, or a space smuggler in Firefly.

Get Rolling!

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