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Welcome to Unpossible Journeys. I’m Erik Schmidt, and this is my site. I’ve played a wide variety of tabletop roleplaying games since getting my start with Dungeons & Dragons in 7th grade, all the way back in 1980. In 2013 I launched Learn Tabletop RPGs, the predecessor to this site, because I love tabletop RPGs and want to help make them accessible to as broad an audience as possible. In the fall of 2016 I overhauled the site considerably, and changed its name to Unpossible Journeys.

My only financial connection to any of the products or companies mentioned in the site is my use of Amazon and DriveThruRPG affiliate accounts. If you follow a link from this site to Amazon or DriveThruRPG and make a purchase there, a percentage of the purchase price will be credited to my affiliate account.

I hope you’ll find this site helpful, and I encourage you to spread the word via the usual channels. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please use the contact form below.



Thanks to Steve Bean for your thoughtful review of an initial version of Learn Tabletop RPGs. Thanks also to fabulously talented Friday Night Crew in all its incarnations — Emerson Murray, Matt Widener, Sean Cleveland, Spencer Lindsay, Forest Monson, and Manny Zamora — for your comments and corrections. Thanks also to Thomas Kristjansen for his thoughtful comments as I prepared the first major revision of the site, to the crew at RPG Reddit for constructive feedback and suggestions, and to everyone who answered my Tumblr questionnaire.

A special thank you for the thorough, helpful suggestions from Nate Keen as I prepared v4 of Learn Tabletop RPGs. All mistakes are of course my own.

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