About Tabletop RPGs

Tabletop RPGs have been with us since the publication of Dungeons & Dragons in 1974. Though tabletop roleplaying is still a niche hobby, it has had a profound cultural impact.

The most popular computer games owe their origin to tabletop RPGs, and the tropes of character classes, alignments, and leveling up are used by people who’ve never played any kind of RPG, analog or digital.

A Short History of Tabletop Roleplaying: Tabletop roleplaying grew through the 1970s then exploded into the popular consciousness in the 80s, was hammered by the twin forces of computer gaming and collectible card games, then came roaring back in the 2010s.

Who Plays: Sure, everyone knows Vin Diesel is into D&D, but did you know George R.R. Martin is a huge GURPS fan, or that one of the best basketball players of all time loves tabletop roleplaying?

Why People Play: Tabletop roleplaying appeals to a much broader range of people than you’d think, and much of that is because of the range of experiences the hobby provides.

FAQ: Check here for answers to basic questions and links to even more answers.