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Anyone who tells you there an objectively “best tabletop RPG” is wrong. Like film, novels, or music, not everyone likes the same thing. This is why there are so many different tabletop roleplaying games.

Rather than attempt to provide objective reviews, these game profiles focus on what fans love about them. It’s easier to find something you might like by focusing on what makes a game unique.

Because there are literally hundreds of tabletop RPGs it’s impossible to list them all in one place. So consider what you find here to be a representative sample rather than a definitive catalogue.

13th Age 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars 7th Sea All Flesh Must Be Eaten Apocalypse World Atlantis: The Second Age Atomic Highway Atomic Robo Basic Roleplaying Beyond the Wall Blades in the Dark Burning Wheel Call of Cthulhu Cyberpunk Red Degenesis Dragon Age Dread Dungeon Crawl Classics Dungeon World Dungeons & Dragons Ech0 Eclipse Phase Ehdrigohr Fiasco Flatpack Godlike Golden Sky Stories GURPS Hero Kids Hillfolk Icons Lady Blackbird Microscope Mini Six Monster of the Week Mutants & Masterminds Michtim Mindjammer Monster of the Week Mutant: Year Zero Mythras Night Witches Night's Black Agents Numenera Paranoia Pathfinder Risus RuneQuest Savage Worlds Shadow of the Demon Lord Shadowrun Shooting the Moon Spears of the Dawn Star Wars Swords & Wizardry Symbaroum Tales from the Loop The One Ring Traveller Valiant Universe Vampire: The Masquerade