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Use the Find Games links to check out summaries of over 50 tabletop RPGs. Each includes a quick overview of the game, links to reviews and online communities, purchasing information, and (for most) actual play videos.

In an irradiated wasteland, you and your Ark seek to rebuild. Embark on your own adventures in Middle Earth. The original is back in a sleek and streamlined package. Three is a crowd in this game of romance. Magic and technology collide in the original cyberpunk fantasy mashup. Superhero roleplaying with an emphasis on rapid setup and play.

A Games Sampler

Anyone who tells you there an objectively “best tabletop RPG” is wrong. Like film, novels, or music, not everyone likes the same thing. This is why there are so many different tabletop roleplaying games.

Rather than attempt to provide objective reviews, these game profiles focus on what fans love about them. It’s easier to find something you might like by focusing on what makes a game unique.

Because there are literally hundreds of tabletop RPGs it’s impossible to list them all in one place. So consider what you find here to be a representative sample rather than a definitive catalogue.