Welcome to the World of Tabletop RPGs

This site is designed for anyone who has an interest in tabletop RPGs. Learn about the universe of roleplaying games beyond Dungeons & Dragons, get tips on how to play, discover the right games for your group, and get advice on how to improve your gaming sessions.

Sure, computer games are fun, but when you’re stuck at home and need something that makes you feel more connected to other people, tabletop RPGs are tough to beat.

There are lots of free options that will allow you and your friends to play online. So find a game, find a time when everyone can gather online, and start playing!

Play Your First Game

Check out several excellent starter games and learn how to get a group together and play your first tabletop RPG session.

Improve Your Game

Once you’ve played a few sessions, check here for expert tips that will bring even more fun to the table.

Become a Game Master

Using this straightforward approach you too can learn how to run exciting sessions and build amazing campaigns.

Teach Newcomers

Got a friend, coworker, or family member who is interested in roleplaying? These tips will help you get them rolling in no time.

Find Games

Looking to branch out from D&D? Here’s summary info on dozens of games spanning a variety of genres and rule systems.

Try an Indie Game

Just like in music, movies, and video games, ground-breaking tabletop RPGs come from indie producers who push boundaries.


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