Is Fifth Edition D&D Lifting All Boats?


Dungeons & Dragons has always been the most widely-recognized tabletop roleplaying game by far, but its dominance has waxed and waned over the years. Now due to the tremendous market success of Fifth Edition, D&D in some ways stands apart from the rest of the tabletop roleplaying universe. So what are the effects of D&D’s preeminence on the market as a whole? Read more

What Explains the Market Success of Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons?


There’s been a lot of discussion in tabletop RPG circles about just how dominant Fifth Edition D&D has become. It seems to exist as something of a world unto its own, seldom crossing paths with the rest of the hobby. So a discussion about the ramifications of D&D’s current dominance is worth having. But first it’s important to understand why D&D 5e is such a juggernaut. That’s what this post will explore. Read more

Review: Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit


The 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set has been with us for five years. It’s sold over 800,000 copies and been hailed as one of the best RPG starter sets ever produced. Now Wizards of the Coast has released its successor, the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit.

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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Play Tabletop RPGs

I’ve been playing tabletop roleplaying games since the early 1980s, and now is hands down the best time to get into the hobby. The 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons has been a smash hit. Streaming shows like Critical Role and Starter Kit have lifted the veil on how roleplaying games work. Celebrities are going public with their love of roleplaying. Online tabletop roleplaying is taking off, Kickstarter has enabled scores of high-quality games to get published, and the number of sophisticated gaming blogs and podcasts has soared. So whether you’re new to tabletop roleplaying, a lapsed gamer rejoining the fold, or a gaming veteran, this site is for you! Constructive feedback is always appreciated.