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This assortment of games was selected at random (this is a TTRPG site after all) from the dozens of games profiled on UJ.

Explore transhuman science fiction horror with Eclipse Phase Build your own world with Microscope Venture through a transhuman galaxy with Mindjammer Steal from the rich and gain more power for your gang in Blades in the Dark Fight for what you believe in Burning Wheel Journey beyond the safety of your home in Beyond the Wall

Recent Blog Posts

UJ is Back!

less than 1 minute read

After making a few changes to UJ, I need to assess the future of the site and how much time I am willing to devote to it.

Degenesis: Justitian Review

10 minute read

The two-volume Justitian setting book describes the Protectorate and the largest city in Europe, and gives the GM NPCs and plot hooks galore. Read all about it.

First Look: Rune & Steel

5 minute read

Adventures in a realm of Viking mythology await in this Kickstarter-funded game from a father-son team.