Fix the Future!

The apocalypse has come, but thankfully there‘s a way to rebuild. You just have to read the simple directions… .


Post-holocaust settings have long been a staple of speculative fiction, so it unsurprising that dozens of apocalyptic roleplaying games have been published over the last four decades. Flatpack: Fix the Future differs from its kin by focusing on rebuilding. Literally. Characters use their wits and pre-ruin technology to create a better world.

Here’s how publisher Machine Age Productions describes Flatpack:

Until someone tells us otherwise, we’re saying that Flatpack: Fix the Future is the first game in the smash Hyperoptimistic Postapocalyptic genre of gaming. Flatpack is a game about building a new society using pre-apocalypse technology that you don’t always trust or understand, and solving terrible problems creatively.

What Fans Love About Flatpack

  • Optimistic Post-Apocalypse – This is a post-apocalypse world with tongue firmly in cheek and humor intact.
  • Focused on Logic Puzzles – While the post-apocalypse genre is usually one in which combat skills win the day, this game is about clever problem-solving.
  • Simple Rules – The mechanics are designed so they can be explained along the way by the gamemaster.


  • “This is probably the best post-apocalyptic game ever.”BoardGameGeek

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