Dragon Age

Fight the Blight and save Ferelden!

Based on the land of Ferelden from the computer games of the same name, Dragon Age uses a classes-and-levels system. Stunts allow successful actions to become more effective and cinematic.

The Ferelden setting provides the standard fantasy races, as well as a rising evil for heroes to rally against. The game works well for campaigns in which the player characters gain powers over time, rising to meet greater and greater challenges.


Here’s how publisher Green Ronin describes Dragon Age:

The Dragon Age RPG brings Thedas to your tabletop! Now you can experience BioWare’s rich and engaging world in a classic pen & paper roleplaying game.

What Fans Love About Dragon Age

  • Beginner-friendly – The rules are intended for use by beginners and experts alike.
  • Dark Fantasy – Based on the Dragon Age video game, the action takes place in the world of Ferelden, where adventurers take on the deadly Blight and its darkspawn.
  • Stunts – The core mechanic uses three six-sided (‘normal’) die, and doubles generate stunt points, which are then used to perform extraordinary actions.


  • “A classic formula combined with beloved worldbuilding, innovative mechanics, and rich encounter potential create a smooth cocktail that tastes of success and, most important of all, fun.”Emma, The Fandomentals
  • “Green Ronin does a great job of converting Dragon Age’s setting, and even its mechanics, to the tabletop format.”Susana Polo, Polygon

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