Fantasy Games

Fantasy is the most popular tabletop RPG by a wide margin. Dungeons & Dragons, the progenitor of the hobby, is undeniably the world’s most popular TTRPG by a wide margin. Its sibling Pathfinder is arguably the second most popular TTRPG, and there are many other games that share the distinctive classes-and-levels d20 fantasy approach.

However, there are plenty of other fantasy games built on very different approaches to gameplay and character advancement, with different assumptions about how fantasy worlds operate.

13th Age 7th Sea Atlantis: The Second Age Beyond the Wall Blades in the Dark Burning Wheel Dragon Age Dungeon Crawl Classics Dungeon World Dungeons & Dragons Ehdrigohr Hero Kids Mythras Pathfinder RuneQuest Shadow of the Demon Lord Shadowrun Spears of the Dawn Swords & Wizardry Symbaroum The One Ring