Dungeons & Dragons

Fantasy adventurers gain more power as they explore deep dungeons and fight malevolent monsters!

You are part of a stalwart band armed with swords and magic, going forth to face perils normal folk could never face.


D&D is unique. It’s the original fantasy roleplaying game that spawned a hobby and an industry, hundreds of supplements and adventures have been written for it, and in its fifth edition it’s more popular than ever.

If you’ve never played D&D, the Essentials Kit or one of the Starter Sets contains everything you need to play. For more options, you’ll need the core rulebooks (the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide).

For more information, check out the official Get Started page.

Here’s how publisher Wizards of the Coast describes Dungeons & Dragons:

Dungeons & Dragons immerses you in a world of adventure. Explore ancient ruins and deadly dungeons. Battle monsters while searching for legendary treasures. Gain experience and power as you trek across uncharted lands with your companions.

What Fans Love About Dungeons & Dragons

  • Options Galore – With the 5th edition, the designers make it easy to mix and match optional rules to suit the needs of a given gaming group.
  • Bounded Accuracy – Attributes and bonuses are capped, so the variance in power between low- and high-level characters is reduced.
  • Vast Back Catalog – Because D&D has been around for ages and has such pull, there are hundreds of supplements and adventures that can with varying degrees of modification, be used with the latest version of the rules.


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  • Use the Wizards of the Coast Store & Event Locator to find the closest store carrying D&D
  • The game is also sold on the online retailer that shall not be named, and probably every online game store on the planet