Eclipse Phase

Members of a secret order tackle horrors that threaten Transhumanity!

Earth has been abandoned by most of humanity after a massive AI uprising left it barren. The rest of the solar system has been colonized by augmented humans, uplifted animals, and other forms of transhuman life. The conservative Inner System governments, hypercorps, anarchists of the Outer System, and everyone in between jockeys for power, even as new threats to transhumanity’s survival emerge.

The AIs that started the war still linger in hidden pockets. Strange unknowable aliens have appeared, and mysterious gates enable travel to planets far from the solar system. Behind it all a greater danger lurks. Player characters work for Firewall, a secret organization dedicated to confronting these threats.


The second edition of Eclipse Phase is compatible with the extensive range of first edition supplements. Eclipse Phase is published under a Creative Commons license.

Here’s how publisher Posthuman Studios describes Eclipse Phase:

Your mind is software. Program it. Your body is a shell. Change it. Death is a disease. Cure it. Extinction is approaching. Fight it.

What Fans Love About Eclipse Phase

  • A Tremendously Detailed Setting – Everything from political and economic systems to space habitats, mesh hacking, and nanoviruses is defined in detail.
  • Death is a Thing of the Past – The ability to disassociate the mind from the body and back up one’s consciousness is a core tenet of the game, and it deeply affects game play.
  • d100 Mechanics – The skills-driven d100 mechanics will be familiar to anyone who has played RuneQuest or any other Basic Roleplaying-derived game. You can also run an EP campaign using Fate Core mechanics, via Transhumanity’s Fate).


  • “…if you somehow missed this game when it first came out, now’s a great chance to investigate what is probably my favorite science fiction horror setting.”Aaron Marks, Cannibal Halfling Gaming
  • “With Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition, the game is not only back on my radar, but has been simplified enough that it has jumped right to the top of my ‘to run’ list.”“Jester” David Gibson, 5 Minute Workday

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Download the Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition Quick-Start Rules, which includes a stripped-down version of the core rules, the Acrimony intro adventure, and pre-made characters so you can start playing right away. Also check out the Welcome to Eclipse Phase microsite.

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