Confront the twisted corruption that haunts your lands!

Players take the role of crafters, warriors, elementalists, farmers, healers, guards, mystics, nobles, scouts, oath binders, and a variety of other starting concepts, or create their own mix of capabilities. Adventures can range from rooting out deadly creatures to investigating perversions of the land or wading into political intrigues.


Ehdrigohr incorporates post-apocalyptic, fantasy, and horror elements, but it approaches each of those aspects in a markedly different fashion than most games. Drawing inspiration from a variety of non-Western sources, Ehdrigohr focuses on how people work together to confront horrible creatures and the less obvious but just as dangerous corruption that can infect and destroy communities.

Here’s how publisher Council of Fools Productions describes Ehdrigohr:

Ehdrigohr is a land where the nine tribes must survive the terrible things that walk the lands from sundown to sunrise. Immerse yourself in a fantastic world of cultures, myths, and legends. Magic is everywhere and with it the people can bend reality to their will or break it and unleash even more terrible things trapped in the emptiness called the Twain.

What Fans Love About Ehdrigohr

  • Fantasy Horror – Long ago a war broke the land, and now hardy survivors work to keep the Shadows at bay.
  • Native Mythology – While Ehdrigohr pulls from a variety of sources, the influence of myths from a variety of Native cultures is strong, resulting in a setting quite different from Western fantasy.
  • Modified Fate Core – This is a stand-alone game that uses Fate Core mechanics. A copy of Fate Core is recommended by not required.


  • “The game as a whole is far more focused on finding exciting challenges and hashing out interesting solutions, and there’s an inherent beauty in how people persevere peacefully in spite of the struggles they face.”Daniel Starkey, BoingBoing
  • “You can take it as just a pure post-apocalyptic horror game that has a strong hint of fantasy to it or you can play it and try to realise the goals that it is attempting to integrate. Either way it is going to be a great game.”Mark Knights, RPG Knights

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