Fate Core

Jump into adventures in any genre, using narrative-focused mechanics!

Fate Core, Fate Accelerated Edition, and Fate Condensed serve as three flavors of the same concept. Fate focuses on how stories emerge through play, giving players tools to help craft dramatically-satisfying outcomes.


Fate is a highly-influential system. It is perhaps the most well-known standard-bearer of an approach to gaming in which all the participants are engaged not just in what is happening to characters, but in how those actions form a cohesive story.

Here’s how publisher Evil Hat describes Fate Core:

Easy-to-follow rules for character and world creation. Rock-solid storytelling advice for players and GMs to produce the best play experience. Clearly-defined systems to guide players both new and old. New and improved approaches to character actions, aspects, compels… and more!

Fate Accelerated Edition:

Maybe you’re looking for the ideal pickup roleplaying game. Or you’re a first-time gamer looking to try something new without investing hours of your time. Regardless, Fate Accelerated Edition will bring something special to your table.

Fate Condensed

It includes a few simple refinements to the Fate Core engine honed over a decade of active play and development. And best of all, it’s 100% compatible with every one of our 90+ Fate products already published.

What Fans Love About Fate

  • Flexibility – The Fate Core rules state that “Fate doesn’t come with a default setting, but it works best with any premise where the characters are proactive, capable people leading dramatic lives.” This emphasis makes both games a particularly good fit if you want to run a fast-paced, pulp-style narrative.
  • Narrative Orientation – The Fate system is driven by the premise that players should have more control over narrative flow than in more traditional tabletop RPGs that place all narrative control in the hands of the gamemaster.
  • Ease of Prep – Because the mechanics are focused on story, gamemasters spend more of their time preparing story hooks for players than working on stats and charts.


  • “So, [for] quick fun and all-inclusive games I love FAE. But for precisely the same reason I prefer Fate Core if I were going to run something with a little more meat and strategy.”Mark Knights, The Pathfinder Chronicles
  • “[Fate Core] is the Fate system weaponized; designed to be put in the hands of a GM to create awesome games the moment they read the book.”Phil Vecchione, Gnome Stew
  • “After four gaming sessions I can say with confidence that Fate Core is a fantastic, and impressively versatile, roleplaying system and it immediately became one of my favorites.”Bartoneus, Critical Hits

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  • Purchase Fate Core, Fate Accelerated Edition, and Fate Condensed in print and PDF from Evil Hat.
  • Buy them in PDF from DriveThru RPG.

A Note About Dice

Fate games use Fudge dice (named after Fudge, the game system that led to Fate). Evil Hat’s Fate Dice come in a variety of styles. You can also use die-rolling apps such as Pip for the iPhone and Fate Dice for Android.