As a Talent you must brave the horrors of WWII to help defeat the Axis!

Godlike takes place in an alternate Second World War in which Talents, individuals blessed with incredible powers, are used by all sides to influence important battles. Fighting for the Allies, player characters face the constant threat of annihilation as they are dropped into situations too dangerous for ordinary soldiers.

Characters are defined by their Stats (general characteristics) and Skills. Combat is lethal in this game, which uses the d10 dice pool mechanics of ORE (One Roll Engine). Godlike is gritty, intense, and strongly oriented toward simulating an alternate history. It is suitable for one-offs or campaign play.


Here’s how publisher Arc Dream Publishing describes Godlike:

GODLIKE features an amazing, intensively researched alternate history by award-winning author Dennis Detwiller (Delta Green). There’s a full list of ready-to-play powers, and easy rules for creating your own from scratch. A huge “field manual” of weapons and vehicles covers all sides of the war. And Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies) presents the innovative “One-Roll Engine,” built for lightning-fast superpowered action.

What Fans Love About Godlike

  • Setting – A meticulously-detailed alternate reality WWII, in which all sides begin throwing newly-discovered superheroes into action, provides context for the battlefield heroics.
  • Lethality – This is a roleplaying game where war is not a backdrop, but the theater in which all the action takes place. In this game superheroes can and often do perish.
  • Scalable Combat – The One Roll Engine was designed to handle combats large and small, so resolving the action around the player characters can be resolved rapidly.


  • “Overall, I think Godlike might be one of the strongest games around for extended play if you use the Troupe option, in that violence and death (a) are given a meaningful context in the historical WWII setting, (b) do not remove a player from play when his character dies, and (c) result from sensible rules and in-game events.”Ron Edwards, The Forge

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