You may be small, but you are big-hearted and bold!

Michtim is a game for children and adults who enjoy tales of small, intelligent woodland creatures tackling big challenges. Michtims might be mistaken for hamsters, rats, or mice, but are actually a highly advanced species with complex social structures. Their world is full of dangers, not the least of which are humans.


Here’s how publisher GrimOgre Laboratory describes Michtim:

Imagine a cartoon show starring you and your fuzzy gang, in fervid episodes to save your beloved magical kingdom from the machinations of humanity. You will take your finest Glidewing cloaks and most trusted Tome of Frost to blast away at your enemies with the power of your Anger. You will build mechanical support drones to Cure your friends from afar. You will define trigger conditions to ward your friends with the power of your Grief.

Three Things About Michtim

  • Kid-Friendly – The heroes and adventures in Michtim are appropriate for kids of all ages.
  • Incorporates Magic, Technology, and Nature – The game world melds magic and technology into a natural setting with simple mechanics.
  • Personality Drives Abilities – Characters use their Joy, Love, Grief, Fear, and Anger to accomplish tasks.


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