Mini Six

Characters leap into action in any genre, any setting!


Based on the OpenD6 system, Mini Six is a free game that provides lightweight mechanics emphasizing the fast and furious action evocative of television and movie adventures.

Mini Six uses a simple point build system for character creation and as the name suggests, a pool of six-sided dice for task resolution. The game also includes a number of campaign ideas to get a gamemaster’s creativity going.

Here’s how publisher AntiPaladin Games describes Mini Six:

Mini Six is designed to get out of the way. Players can create characters in minutes for any genre. Game masters can build settings focused on story and adventure instead of minutia. With fast paced cinematic rules and five sample settings, this game is ready to play.

What Fans Love About Mini Six

  • Minimal Rules – Using a simple six-sided die mechanic with relatively lightweight rules, the game is suitable for new gamers and veterans alike.
  • Fast, Cinematic Style – Originally created for games that simulated the flavor of movies like Star Wars, the rules are intended for games where cinematic feel takes precedence over other factors.
  • d6 Compatibility – Because it is based on the Open6 system, which is in turn based on mechanics created by West End Games, a variety of older games and supplements are compatible with Mini Six.


  • “The characters feel unique, the combat is fast-paced and deadly, skills cover all sorts of situations including social interactions, it ticks a lot of boxes and does a lot of things right without every bogging you down with rules, an excellent role-playing experience!”Ding IRL


Get It for Free

  • Download the free PDF from AntiPaladin Games