Night’s Black Agents

Spies take down vampire conspiracies!

In your clandestine career you’ve faced many dangers, but nothing like this. The world is under threat from a vast web of conspiracies controlled by… vampires. That’s right, vampires. And who better to take them on than you and your team of highly-trained, hard-as-nails spies?


Veteran game designer Kenneth Hite created Night’s Black Agents atop the GUMSHOE engine, which was created by the prolific designer Robin Laws specifically for investigation-heavy games.

NBA focuses on investigation, skill utilization, harrowing chases, and fluid combat in the dark corners of famous European cities. The game is supported with multiple supplements and adventures, including the immense, critically-acclaimed The Dracula Dossier.

Here’s how publisher Pelgrane Press describes Night’s Black Agents:

Night’s Black Agents brings the GUMSHOE engine to the spy thriller genre, combining the propulsive paranoia of movies like Ronin and The Bourne Identity with supernatural horror straight out of Bram Stoker.

What Fans Love About Night’s Black Agents

  • Modes of Play – With a few minor adjustments, the game can be tweaked to make it more deadly, more fraught with psychological damage, filled with intra-party intrigue, driven by intense character motivations, or a mix of these modes.
  • Chase Rules – Detailed mechanics make it possible to create thrilling chases through winding alleyways, over rooftops, on the Autobahn, and along the convoluted waterways of Venice.
  • GM Tools – Gamemasters (known as ‘Directors’ in NBA), are provided a variety of means of creating vampires and the conspiracies they sit atop, in ways that allow the player characters to come at the vampire conspiracy from many angles.


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