Take your place in the Age of Heroes and fight the forces that threaten Glorantha!

In Runequest, characters from myriad cults, cultures, and races come together to combat threats, find common purpose, and become legends.


The latest incarnation of one of the earliest RPGs is more deeply intertwined with the richly-detailed Glorantha setting than ever before. Magic permeates the world, Chaos lurks in the darkness, and ties of kinship and belief really matter.

Here’s how publisher Chaosium describes RuneQuest:

Playing the role of adventurers, you’ll journey through a mythical, Bronze Age world, where the gods are real, family and cult define you, and magic permeates every action.

What Fans Love About RuneQuest

  • Glorantha – This setting has been around since 1975, and is possibly the most deeply-developed fantasy world in all of roleplaying. The rules bind characters to the world and the cults, cultures, and creatures within it.
  • Lots of Magic – In Glorantha there are three types of magic: spirit, rune, and sorcery. They are distinct in their effects and how they are called forth, but all characters are capable of wielding some form of magic.
  • d100 MechanicsRuneQuest uses percentile mechanics for an emphasis on granularity, featuring deadly combat and skill-based character advancement.

Starter Set Reviews

  • ”Chaosium’s RuneQuest team has nailed it! Raising the bar to new heights, they have put together a Starter Set that other companies can only dream of emulating.” – MODOC31 – Rolling Boxcars
  • ”I recommend it highly to anyone who enjoys fantasy RPGs and wants to try a long-lived unique setting and well-tested rules.” – Charles Dunwoody, EN World

Core Rules Reviews

  • “Veterans will feel right at home, while new fans will wonder how come a game like this didn’t exist up to now.” — Antonios S,
  • “It is one of the best examples of using mechanics in a tabletop RPG to create and reinforce setting and tone.” — Michael Boyle, Play to See What Happens

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