The One Ring

Defend Middle-earth from The Shadow!

Twenty years after Bilbo Baggins outsmarts Smaug, and fifty years before the Fellowship is created, evil is building in Middle-earth. Perilous journeys await stalwart adventurers who are willing to brave the dangers of Eriador.


Francesco Nepitello, the designer behind the first edition of The One Ring, led the development of this second edition. It comes in two flavors: The Core Rules contains the full rules and setting information and a starter scenario. The Starter Set contains trimmed setting and rules books, and a book of adventures; pre-generated characters, two maps, cards to aid game play, and themed dice.

The game is structured to ground player characters in Middle-earth and help Loremasters (game masters) create adventures that evoke the feel of Tolkien’s novels.

Here’s how publisher Free League describes The One Ring Core Rules:

This beautifully illustrated, full-colour hardcover manual presents Middle-earth as it was twenty years after Bilbo Baggins’ remarkable disappearance and unexpected return. The great events narrated in The Lord of the Rings are still fifty years away, leaving plenty of room to narrate stories worthy of an epic.

Three Things About The One Ring

  • Setting: Moving through Middle-earth is an important part of the game, and Loremasters are given tips and tools, including travel mechanics, to reinforce immersion in Middle-earth.
  • Patrons: Player characters have the opportunity to meaningfully interact with important personages such as Bilbo Baggins, in ways that can advance your Fellowship’s odds of success.
  • The Shadow: As characters endure horrible events, are forced to do things they shouldn‘t, take possession of powerful artifacts, or are victims of dark magic, they are inflicted by Shadow and must be careful lest they succumb to it.

Reviews (Starter Set & Core Rules)

  • “…the structure of the RPG not only slots perfectly within established canon, but also gives those unfamiliar (or even disinterested) in the original media opportunities to explore a subtly wonderful land in any way they choose.”Linda Codega, Polygon
  • “The One Ring is a game that fully meets expectations, offering an experience that fully adheres to the setting and its themes.”Stefano Buonocore, No Dice Unrolled

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  • Starter Set and Core Rules in Print and PDF from the publisher, Free League
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