Untold adventures await in a vast galaxy fill of possibilities!

The first edition of Traveller was released in 1977. Its central themes of interstellar travel, trade, and warfare caught on and it went on to become the de facto science fiction RPG.

In Traveller characters go through a series of careers, accumulating skills along the way, before they enter play. The game mechanics rely on a straightforward d6-based system.

While the default Third Imperium setting is used for many game supplements, the rules are generic. Referees (gamemasters) can easily create their own settings. The game is well-suited for campaign play with a hard SF flavor.


Here’s how publisher PUBLISHER describes Traveller:


Three Things About Traveller

  • The Original SF RPG – If you want to run a campaign built around the hard scifi of galaxy-spanning adventures, spaceship combat, and discovery.
  • Simple Mechanics – The game uses d6 (‘normal’ dice) coupled with attribute and skill modifiers, which makes for streamlined task resolution.
  • Back Catalogue – Many supplements were created for earlier editions of Traveller, and Mongoose has re-released many of them.


  • “If you are new to Traveller, I highly recommend getting this book. It contains everything you need to start playing and it’s a clear improvement over their older rulebooks.”Michael Wolf, Stargazer’s World
  • “An excellent science fiction roleplaying game corebook which allows for a wide variety of technology levels, world building, and exploration.”Ronald Gardner, The Gaming Gang

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