Assemble Your Crew

Find Someone to Teach You

Most people learn their first tabletop roleplaying game from a friend. If you put out the word that you’re interested in learning to play, you may be surprised to find that someone you know already plays — whether it’s a classmate, relative, or coworker. Chances are they’d be more than happy to run your first tabletop roleplaying game session.


In Person

Nothing beats playing a tabletop RPG in person. Thankfully there are a variety of ways to find people who welcome new gamers.

  • Game and comics stores often hold weekly events specifically designed to introduce newcomers to tabletop roleplaying. They also often provide bulletin boards (yep, the thumbtack kind), so you can find groups that are looking for new players.
  • D&D Meetup groups love to help newcomers, and they’re usually into a variety of games, not just D&D.
  • Search Facebook and you may turn up a local roleplaying group.


If you can’t find anyone locally, you should be able to join an online group that is open to newcomers:

  • The Looking for Gamers subreddit has lots of listings. It is always up to date and provides links to other gamer-locator sites.
  • Game-specific Discord servers usually have LFG threads, and players who are willing to help newcomers learn.

Teach Yourself

If you can’t find anyone to teach you, round up three or four interested friends, and run your first tabletop roleplaying game. It can be done! All of these games are suitable for beginners, and will give you the guidance you need to get started.

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