Going on Leave

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TL;DR – I’m not doing any maintenance or new posting on UJ until September at the earliest.

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I’ll make it brief. Keeping this website up to date has become more difficult over the last few months, in large part because the last thing I want to do after spending a day engaged in digitally-mediated communication for work is to sit at the computer to update UJ. The fall is rapidly approaching, and my children will be in all-remote schooling, which means I’ll have even less time than I do now for side pursuits.

The tabletop RPG landscape has also changed a lot since I started UJ several years ago, and podcasting and video have supplanted text and images as the primary vehicles for sharing info about gaming. For better or worse, text is my medium of choice. I’m also just not getting the satisfaction out of working on UJ that I used to, which is in part due to the realities of 2020, but also reflective of a shift in how I relate to the hobby.

So taking all of that into account, I need to take some time to think about whether to continue UJ as is, modify its focus, or wrap it up.