Roleplaying Blogs

People love to share their passion for tabletop roleplaying. This list is just a sample of what’s available, and as you follow these links you’ll find links to more. Note that while these are sorted into broad categories, most of them cover a range of topics. In particular, expect to see reviews in most of these blogs.


Actual Play




  • Angel’s Citadel – This blog is focused primarily on Cypher System games.
  • Sanity Zero – A veteran Call of Cthulhu Keeper provides reviews, actual plays, and more.
  • The Data Haven - Look here for lots and lots of Shadowrun goodies.
  • The Iron Pact – This is a treasure trove of information and resources for Symbaroum.
  • Train to Baikonur – Created by yours truly, T2B is exclusively focused on Degenesis.


  • No Rerolls – Situated at the intersection of miniatures wargaming and tabletop roleplaying, this blog provides plenty of inspiration.


  • Bat in the Attic – Rob Conley covers a wide range of topics from the perspective of sandbox-style OSR gaming.
  • Tenkar’s Tavern – Erik Tenkar reviews games, spreads the word about the latest OSR goings-on, and holds forth on related topics.


  • Age of Ravens – Lowell Francis tries lots of different games and writes about them with clarity and depth.
  • Andrew Logan Montgomery – Excellent reviews and other RPG material from an astute observer. There’s plenty here if you’re interested in RuneQuest and the world of Glorantha.
  • Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer – Here you’ll find reviews, actual play reports, and more.
  • Red Dice Diaries – John Large posts YouTube game reviews and explores how to play a variety of games.
  • Stargazer’s World – German RPG veteran Michael Wolf has been at this blog for over ten years, and has brought in several other contributors. SGW provides news, reviews, tips, and more.

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Blogs are old school, but just like Maxell audio cassette tapes, they can be pretty cool.