On Sabbatical

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My day job has become my day, night, and weekend job. Between that and family, I have very little time left to devote to gaming, and even less time for maintaining this site. So in the interest of sanity, I’m going on sabbatical for an indefinite stretch.

My suspicion is that the role Unpossible Journeys (and its predecessor Learn Tabletop RPGs) played is less necessary than it was five years ago when I started all this. D&D 5 has renewed interest in tabletop roleplaying, and Critical Role, et. al. are introducing RPGs in a visceral way that is likely easier for most people to grasp than a text-heavy site like this one.

Regardless, I simply can’t devote the time to the site that it deserves. So I’m walking away for a while, rather than make a hasty decision about its final fate. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go attend to a Gantt chart.