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There’s a Lot to The Forgotten Realms

Wizards of the Coast selected The Forgotten Realms as the default setting for D&D 5 in part because the world is so deep. Since the days of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Ed Greenwood’s fantasy world has been fleshed out in adventures, setting descriptions, and other supplements. Now that I’m getting back into D&D after a long hiatus, I decided to see how much Forgotten Realms material had been published prior to 5th edition. The short answer is: a lot (and I didn’t even delve into the novels, comics, board games, and video games).

The list below is robust but incomplete, as it only covers the Forgotten Realms supplements I could find at DriveThru RPG. These supplements are organized by the D&D edition they target, then alphabetically. It looks like it’ll be a while until the official conversion guides are ready, but in the mean time this enormous reserve of background material and adventures sits ready to be tapped.


AD&D 1st/2nd ed

AD&D 2ed

D&D 3

D&D 3.5

D&D 4

D&D Next